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Welcome to Bike Vashon, a web site & an informal organization of Vashon bicyclists.

Thanks to Coby Vardy of the Vashon Storefront Architecture Project for this great depiction of Vashon spirit

If you are new to Vashon, check out our guide to popular Vashon road and mountain bike rides - plus a list of handy resources for bicyclists including local places to eat, stay the night, and find out what activities are currently happening.

Stewart Putnam and Dodd Johnson out measuring the deviation from state and federal guidelinesYou might have noticed with dismay the recent unannounced installation of rumble strips on a major portion of Vashon Highway. We were able to halt the project before even more damage was done, but are now working with the county to mitigate that damage to all of Vashon's roadway users. Learn how you can help out on our short term goal!

Bicycle Friendly Vashon is our long range goal. We are working with the community plus the county to have Vashon recognized as a  into a model community for all roadway users. Integrating the national Complete Streets and Bicycle Friendly Community efforts, we believe we already have a good start on this - and the active support of the community.

Vashon Bicycling

April 22, 2012 Ride on Vashon in an area not tainted by the rumble strips - provided by James Cottrell
Note that folks are in naturally in the best area of the shoulder - that now taken by the rumble strips.


King County Awards BikeVashon $3000 for Phase 1 of the Bike and Walk Initiative

Nov 14

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11/14/2012 3:25 PM  RssIcon


What we are striving for!

As announced at the King County web site hours ago, Bike Vashon will receive $3000 as one of two dozen grants to start in on our Bike and Walk Initiative!

The purpose of the grant, from our original proposal:

Funds are being requested to help launch Phase One of the Vashon Bike and Walk Initiative (VBWI) that will engage the Vashon community to conceptualize and promote the vision of a bicyclist/pedestrian friendly island.  The project will also seek to enact several walking and cycling priorities that have been incorporated in the following plans:

· Vashon-Maury Island Community Service Area Work Plan --2012 – 2013 

· The King County Five Year Strategic Plan

· The Vashon Town Plan of 1996

· The King County Comprehensive Plan and its subarea plans as amended in 2007

The outcome will make Vashon a place that can accommodate all road users while encouraging safe alternatives to car travel.  By being recognized as a safe and attractive place to bike and walk, Vashon will promote healthy living while gaining recognition as a destination for healthy recreation, resulting in a benefit to the local economy.

VBWI will be structured to maximize community input, community engagement, implementation and feedback. Funding is requested to hire a consultant who will help with convening and engaging stakeholders from the community at large, the business community and government representatives. The consultant will staff a steering committee charged with developing an outreach and education strategy to inform islanders and promote cycling and walking and to help develop outreach items such as brochures, flyers and maps and through websites and social media.  Ultimately Vashon will seek national recognition as a Bicycle and Walk Friendly community through national certification programs.

The key objectives from the proposal are to:


1. Develop a framework for community and government participation that is broadly inclusive in developing the vision of a cycling and pedestrian friendly island, that relies on volunteer efforts and that maximizes the use of local knowledge and resources in carrying out this vision.


2. Identify cycling and pedestrian assets as well as perceived and tangible barriers


3. Conduct assessments:

The League of American Bicyclists assessment for Bicycle Friendly communities and the Walk Friendly Communities’ national recognition program survey


4. Establish a list and rank short-term and long term cycling priorities based on local surveys and needs identified in the Bicycle Friendly and  Walk Friendly assessments



Congratulations to Ken and other members of the team that helped envision and apply for this grant!


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