Vashon Safe Routes to School - 2013 Update

Feb 8

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Thank you for all of your letters, phone calls, artwork, petitions, and other efforts in support of Vashon’s Safe Routes to School Project. We would also like to thank our 34th legislative district representatives and King County council members for their support.

We did not receive funding this year. However, our voices were heard and perhaps we will receive something even better.

Washington State Department of Transportation and King County Department of Transportation have agreed to work together to come up with a plan for safer bike and walking paths accessing the Vashon school campus. Because WSDOT received so many letters from students, they are including Chautauqua fifth graders in the early stages of the design process.

We will keep you posted on any new developments on our web page and via these blogs.

- The Safe Routes to School Team



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Re: National Bike Advocacy Groups Affirm Shared Goals; Decide to Remain Separate
I came to know more info about Bike Advocacy from this post. I appreciate your post.
It's getting worse, not better
So sorry to hear of the accident Leslie. I hope you heal quickly. I took a photo of the site on Friday and sent it to some of the county officials involved in the rumble strip discussion. Seems like what was thought to be a safety improvement is causing serious accidents.


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