Bicycle Rides on Vashon

Vashon, Washington is a bicyclists treasure, situated between Seattle, Tacoma and the Olympic Peninsula. Located on the Puget Sound (aka the Salish Sea), the only way here is through the air or water. A rural, anti-suburban community, we have few franchise stores and more than our share of artists, progressives and activists.

Bicycling is generally good on Vashon, though the recent unannounced installation of rumble strips - although well intentioned - has anecdotally increased recent bicycle and car accidents and led to greater conflict and reduced options for all roadway users unfortunately. We're working with the county to have these removed and with the entire community to adopt a long-range plan for enhancing alternative transportation for everyone on Vashon.

Learn more about Vashon's local resources for bicyclists or look further down this page for specific popular ride suggestions on Vashon.

Off-Road Rides

King County's Island Center Forest Map

King County's Island Center Forest Map

Island Center Forest (DNR)


Old map of Vashon's Island Center Forest from

King County's Bicycle Map


Vashon by Google

Vashon Map