About Bike Vashon

About Us

BikeVashon.org is a communication tool for an as yet unnamed group of bicyclists (or perhaps a revival of the previous Spokespeople group here) who enjoy bicycling on Vashon and promoting the bicycle's revolutionary power for personal fitness, community self-reliance and fun. We also are providing basic info on suggested rides, tips for bicycle promotion, and local resources.

BikeVashon was created around the need to stop the unexpected creation of rumble strips in Spring 2012 on one of Vashon's best roadways for riding - due to a wide shoulder that had allowed riding side-by-side and with bicycle trailers. Read more about our ongoing concerns about rumble strips on our rumble strip page, or the ever evolving story on our Facebook page.

Stay in Touch!

For a group that just started coalescing a few weeks ago, we have well over a hundred interested folks and we're scrambling to keep up with all the interest. So thanks!

This website has key information, but takes a bit longer to edit and update. So for the latest on the situation:

Check out our Twitter feed: www.twitter.com/BikeVashon and add @BikeVashon to your tweets to appear in our feed!

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BikeVashon, where many of you have started discussing all the issues around rumble strips.

Watch us on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/BikeVashon!

We also now have two email lists available:

DISCUSS - which may have frequent emails flying about. Send our robot an email to request admission. (A single daily "digest" email is also possible from this.)

ALERTS - This will have less email volume, but will certainly receive any public meeting notices or other calls to action. Use this if you want to follow what we're up to but don't want continual emails on this either. (Anyone can also sign up for a single daily digest email if desired.) To subscribe to this: Click this link and email in your request. (This will also be handled by a robot, so don't expect anything else you write to be read or acted on aside from your subscription request!)


Wow, lot's of interest in sleepy ol' Vashon all of a sudden! We're starting to hear from a bunch of island groups and even some off-island news and bicycle organizations. While it might be a bit strong and premature to label them as "Partners", many are interested and willing to lend us their advice & assistance. For now I'll list them here, but realize there's no formal agreements or formal blessing of anything at this point. Still we welcome everyone's interest and support!


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